Documentation: HTTP Response Status Codes

HTTP Status Codes

A successful optimization run will result in the 200 OK HTTP status code:

{ "data": { "items": [ { "original_size": 50464, "optimized_size": 40208, "saved_bytes": 10256, "saved_percent": 20.32, "url": "", "optimization_status": "success", "web_p_url": null, "valid_till": "2021-01-08T18:13:10.945773Z", "message": null, "width": 1024, "height": 435 } ], "transaction_id": "d679b-6c89-467d-872e-cf0175f" } }

Sending invalid JSON will result in a 400 Bad Request response:

{ "error": { "type": "ValidationException", "message": [ { "attribute": "compression", "text": "The compression field is required." } ] } }

Sending an invalid API Key or API Secret will result in a 401 Unauthorized response:

 "error": { "type": "AuthorizationException", "message": "Unauthorized." }

Uploading a file with a file size larger than that set by your plan’s limit will result in a 413 Request Entity Too Large response:

"error": { "type": "FileValidationException", "message": "Requested file size too large (15728640kb). Upgrade your plan." }

Uploading an unsupported image type will result in a 415 Unsupported Media Type response:

"error": { "type": "AuthorizationException", "message": "Unauthorized." }

Any unexpected server error will result in a standard 500 Internal Server Error response:

{ "success": false, "message": "Something went wrong and CheetahO cannot fulfill your request" }