Why CheetahO?

    Developer-Friendly API

    It's simple and easy to integrate the CheetahO image optimization API. One API key for multiple sites.

    Image optimization

    Up to 60% compression rate with powerful algorithms. Both lossy and lossless optimization available.

    Privacy for files

    Privacy for all processed files. Files are stored for only a few hours. Later they are removed completely.

    Optimized and saved about 50%

    Happy Customers

    Slow-loading pages can be due to large images on your website, leading to fewer page views and poor rankings in organic search results. We can help you. CheetahO uses powerful compression technology that reduces your image size without any difference in image quality.

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    Latest news


    This plugin allows you to compress and optimize new or existing WordPress image uploads through the CheetahO Image optimizer API. You can choose lossless or lossy optimization modes. At this moment, supported filetypes are JPEG, PNG, GIF.

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