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We like to think the only way to get your image files smaller after optimizing them with CheetahO is to delete them.
Original: 512KB
Optimized: 102KB (Saved about 80%)

Why CheetahO?

Page loading faster means more page views, a pleasant user experience and better search ranking.

Developer-Friendly API

It's simple and easy to integrate the CheetahO image optimization API. One API key for multiple sites.

Image optimization

Up to 60% compression rate with powerful algorithms. Both lossy and lossless optimization available.

Privacy for files

Privacy for all processed files. Files are stored for only a few hours. Later they are removed completely.

Save money on bandwidth and storage space and accelerate your websites now

CheetahO fits for

Today's images are more than 50% of Internet traffic. Optimize them and save time of page load..


Working with your page layouts? Optimize them using CheetahO.

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Optimize and resize images from within your applications using our API.

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Are you a WordPress user? Get our official plugins and and speed up your websites now.

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