About Us

The Story

CheetahO is an outcome of the experience that we gained from building different web solutions. And, as professional web developers, we appreciate and build upon it.

Earlier, we were wasting time by preparing well-sized photos for websites. We were also wasting time repairing mistakes when our customers updated their websites with huge 5 MB pictures. Now with CheetahO we don’t need to waste our time and can focus on better things.

The CheetahO image optimization tool is really simple from a user experience point of view, but it is a comprehensive tool for all WordPress users that care about their page loading speed and SEO.

CheetahO can be used as web tool when you need to compress images online. But you will benefit more with CheetahO as a WordPress plugin. With one click off a button, you will optimize image sizes by more than 50%. We are continuously working on a variety of compression techniques to minimize the time needed for image optimization.

You don’t need to wait to improve your website. Get started with CheetahO today!