Online image optimizer. What Happened in 2016?

Seasons’ greeting from image optimizer CheetahO! As the year winds down, we would like to review the image optimization tool CheetahO’s progress and introduce our new year’s resolution for 2017.

Why did we start CheetahO?

We’ve been working with web development for more than 5 years and we always want to deliver a valuable website for the customer. That’s why we started to gain knowledge in SEO. A website without SEO fundamentals will only be an invisible business card.

We tested many different WordPress plugins for image optimization – but most of them were pretty difficult to use for WordPress administartors, they lack compress ratio or they destroy image quality. Some of them simply cost too much. So we invested two months of development and released the first version of CheetahO.

There were 12,000 images optimized in our first three months. Is this a good achievement? Now we have about 80,000 optimized images. So, yes, we are happy. And it’s a must to mention that we invested $0 into marketing. As expected for our first version, we are still solving some bugs and improving the code.

What’s next with image optimizer?

We have planned to improve compression ratio and solve all the small glitches in the next couple of months. Image optimization speed is also a priority.

But the real next big thing will be to adapt CheetahO WordPress plugin for WooCommerce.

We’d be very grateful if you’d help spread the word about the CheetahO by sharing it to your friends or sharing it on Twitter or Facebook. We are working on a referral program so our best customers will be able to get free images to optimize.