How to Improve SEO Ranking without Development?

We have a few SEO tips, how you can improve SEO ranking on Google and other search engines without any technical/development knowledge. Definitely, the most important thing is content, but small SEO updates can easily increase your visibility and more readers will find your astonishing website. Technical and On- Page SEO requires sometimes advanced skills, but there are plenty of simple things you can do to increase your site’s chances of ranking real well.

1. Optimize internal links

Link your blog articles to services pages, new blog to previous one. Internal linking is very important not only for SEO but for an enhanced user experience. Important: Link related pages together not pages that have no related content at all.

2. Avoid 404 errors

Check webmaster crawl errors if you want to Improve SEO Ranking on Google
Webmaster crawl errors page

It isn‘t allowed to talk about SEO without Google Webmaster tool. We advise follow Crawl Errors report in your Google Webmaster account. Google isn’t happy about 404 errors, but you can easily find all these errors in the report and fix in website. When you fix errors in website, select them mark them in Webmaster.

3. Image optimization

Image size, proper names, use of ALT tag – you can handle all these things without bit knowledge. Many websites administrators forget that Google also is indexing images and it is important to add proper image names. For image compression you can install image optimization tool Cheetaho into WordPress site and compress images with one button click.

4. Use SEO YOAST plugin to Improve SEO Ranking

Some WordPress websites are still struggling with length of page title and meta description. Don’t be lazy, install SEO Yoast plugin and that’s everything what you need for page title and meta description.
Today is a good day to start working on you SEO!