Why Image Optimization is Important?

Do you want to help Google deliver Internet to the developing world? Of course, you do. Everyone wants to work together with Google. Unfortunately, we cannot give you a key to reach Google team directly, but we can help you improve your website speed, so people around the world with poor internet connection will be able to browse your remarkable website.
Of course, your main goal is to have visible website in Google, not internet spreading around the world. Let’s be honest, when we are talking about SEO, the image optimisation for most of us is really boring part. Content marketing, link building, long-tailed keywords are TOP strategies for SEO and image optimisation is forgotten pretty often. But this is a huge mistake. „The speed of your mobile pages currently doesn’t impact your mobile rankings, but soon it may” says Gary Illyes of Google. So today is the right time to boost your desktop and mobile websites.
Actually, there are only three main things you have to pay attention to while optimizing images.

Right file name

The biggest mistake a lazy guy can do is uploading images to the website from your Digital camera or smartphone with initial files names (for example DCM_7485148, LG_20160170804). If you do not invest some time to help Google read the information about your image, Google will not invest its time to index your content. File name helps relevant picture appear in search results. It provides information what is in the picture for the search engine. Keep in mind that it is only a name so be sure not to overdo: use up to 2 keywords in one file name.

Alt text

The purpose of Alt attributes is to describe the content of the image file. Alt text is a great opportunity to utilize your keywords and help increase the chances for your image to appear in search results. Moreover, if an image doesn‘t load in a browser, Alt text will be shown instead and will give the context of what is in the image.
If you are using WordPress, you can add Alt text when editing picture.

Image alt example
Image alt example


Image optimization

The load time of a website is one of the key factors Google consider in its algorithm. We see many extremely bad examples when a website administrator uploads 7 MB or bigger images to website gallery.
Most important step in images optimisation is resizing. Very rarely bigger than 2000×1500 px images are required for website. You must resize it. Another step of optimising image size is compressing. And this is where you get to use image optimisation tool CheetahO. Just drag pictures to CheetahO and it will take care of your images size. And you can install CheethaO plugin if you use WordPress.
Don‘t abandon image optimisation, because it is a smart way to increase traffic to your site.